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Every day, thousands of people like you participate in clinical research studies. These medical trials are essential for the development of new and improved treatments. Your participation could have a positive impact on the quality of life experienced by millions of people.

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Please reach out to our Volunteer Registration Officer for quires related to trial participation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your frequently asked questions about medical trials

  • What is a clinical study?

    Before a drug can be prescribed, it must go through a long testing and approval process, including clinical studies.  A clinical study is used to test new drugs (medications) and develop new uses for existing drugs. At our research clinics, we work with pharma companies on studies to answer questions like:

    • How is a drug absorbed into the body?
    • How does one drug react to another drug?
    • How is a drug affected by food?
  • Are the rumors about clinical trials true?
  • Will I be paid for taking part in a research study?
  • Who can participate in a clinical study and how often?
  • What are the risks and benefits of taking part in a clinical study?
  • What are my responsibilities as a participant?
  • How are my rights and welfare protected?
  • Will my information be kept confidential?
  • What is involved in participating in a clinical study?
  • Where can I find independent information?


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