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An experienced partner to help you navigate your biopharmaceutical research & development

Comprehensive Solutions

BA/BE Studies – On Healthy subjects & Patients

Extensive Cardiac Monitoring studies

Bioanalysis of first in human studies

Palatability Evaluation studies

Studies on special populations – Healthy Female, PMW & Elder Subjects

Proof-of-concept studies (PK Studies)

PK/PD & Clinical end point studies on Healthy subjects & Patients

Statistical analysis and Population BA/BE analysis

Medical writing services : Protocol development, ICD, ICF and Clinical study reports

Bioanalytical services: for Small & Large molecule analysis and Elemental analysis

Data Management & CDISC services

Pharmacokinetic & Biopharmaceutics

Glucose Clamping studies

Pre-clinical PK Sample analysis

Experience & Expertise

  • Experience in execution of more than 4000+ BA/BE projects for various regulatory markets
  • Team has experience in handling various complex BA/BE studies such as
    • Studies on special population (PMS, Old age (>45 years))
    • Extensive cardiac monitoring studies
    • First-to-file studies
    • Rectal & Vaginal dosage forms
    • Long acting injectables
    • Studies with long washout and long housing
  • A well established Glucose clamping facility with an experince in execution of more than 1500 clamps
  • Experience in developing more than 800+ analytical methods which including complex and low sensitive molecules (Pg/mL)
  • State-of-the-art large molecule analysis set-up and experienced work force for supporting of Large molecule analysis
  • Team has successfully faced more than 50+ global regulatory audits (USFDA, EMEA, UKMHRA, ANVISA, GCC, TGA, Canada, MCC, NPRA, MOH Turkey) in their prior experience
  • Digitalization of all study procedures from clinic initiation to report submission
  • Report delivery in faster and quick turn around time

Our Differentiators


Team has over two decades of experience in handling various clinical research projects for global markets

Client Based Approach

Resource wise ready to cater for the ever expanding requirement(s) of clients

Technology Integration

Automation (online) of activities EDC, Data capturing & Analytical activities

Glucose Clamping

Team has experience in execution of handling 1500+ clamps

Global Presence

Collaborated with various global CROs to execute the study within interested geographic region

Project Management

Experienced project managers will be the single point of contact from initiation to closing of the project


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